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Russ Grigg
Central Region
Russ Grigg joined Griffith Company in 1979, shortly after graduating from Cal Poly Pomona with a degree in Construction Management. He spent eleven years in the Bakersfield District Office as an estimator and project manager. Russ proved his abilities soon after joining the Company when he was asked to manage the Highway 58 Project built through downtown Mojave. A testament to his management skills, Russ steadily climbed the ranks to become District Manager in 1990. During his tenure with the Company, Russ has seen his District continue to grow and take on more complex, larger projects including those in partnership with Cal Trans. In addition to being one of the Company's oldest Districts, established in the 1930s, Bakersfield completes much of its own grading, paving, concrete and underground work. The Central Region continues to be one of the Company’s most vital and strategically important.