The Griffith Way


Responding to new opportunities and new demands.

As the construction industry evolves, new technologies, challenges and opportunities emerge. Griffith Company continues to respond to these changes with flexibility, responsiveness and adaptability. We were one of the first Southern California-based general contractors to develop a systematic project-management process, allowing us to efficiently manage the multiple components of today’s complex projects. This process has earned Griffith Company a number of prestigious industry awards and recognition. Simultaneously, we developed a partnering program that enables us to effectively coordinate with multiple owners and agencies often involved in modern projects.

In addition, Griffith Company offers the advantage of specialty crews, each dedicated to a specific niche. A growing number of recent projects have leveraged the specialties of many, and often all, of our crews, including:

Grading & Paving
Structural Concrete- Bridges, Walls & Buildings
Underground Utilities & Drainage Structures
Concrete Flatwork- Paving, Curbs, Gutters & Decorative Walks
Landscape & Irrigation
Masonry- Walls, Buildings & Flatwork
Material Recycling/Rock & Asphalt Plants

Combining astute project management, effective partnering and the diversity of our specialty crews, Griffith Company continues to deliver projects with the quality we promise.