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Brea Canyon Road Grade Separation

Alameda Corridor East

A part of the Gateway to America Trade Corridor, Griffith Company began this project in July 2006. This state-of-the-art grade separation for the Alameda Corridor East Construction Authority encompassed third party utility relocations, construction of seven concrete retaining walls, several drainage systems totaling 1.5 miles, 26 precast pre-stressed concrete girders for a new Union Pacific Railroad bridge, 5,500 tons of asphalt, 4,500 cubic yards of concrete roadways, and 55,000 square feet of new parking lot improvements.

Through partnering, Griffith Company and the owner worked diligently to deal with the utility issues and resolve their concerns. Griffith's team provided an acceleration schedule to reduce the negative float status by 150 days. Opened in October 2008, vehicular and rail traffic independently flow in an efficient manner, bringing an aesthetically pleasing addition to the community. For our efforts, Griffith Company was chosen as a finalist for the 2009 AGC California Excellence in Partnering Award.